Jordan Developmental Pediatrics

Jordan Developmental Pediatrics


Who we are and why we’re different:


Jordan Developmental is a private developmental pediatrics practice, offering evaluation of children who have, or indicate symptoms of having, developmental problems or delays, autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, behavioral issues, or other idiosyncrasies.

We offer the very best team of providers including a developmental pediatrician, naturopathic physician, certified school psychologist, nutritionist, behavior specialist, and reading tutors.  Together the providers create a comprehensive support network of diagnostic and treatment services that are necessary for children with developmental and learning problems.

As a medical practice, we help parents who are not sure whether or not their child has a medical or neurological condition and can help to advise families on whether medications are the most appropriate course of action for the given situation. We are also able to provide the required diagnosis and paperwork for obtaining Department of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) and Arizona Early Intervention Program (AZEIP) assistance for qualifying cases.

Jordan Developmental is a relatively small practice, which means you will get personal, individual care and be seen directly by one of our physicians. Although our waiting list is currently a few months long, we can see new patients sooner in emergency situations and many follow up appointments can be made same day. On call numbers are also available for situations that occur after hours and require immediate attention.

We are proud to be the only developmental pediatrics practice in Arizona that accepts every AHCCCS plan, as well as most other private insurance plans. We provide tutoring services at low cost to patients with private insurance or AHCCCS and also partner with an organization that helps to provide free health care for patients with no insurance.

All of our providers are committed to helping children with difficult and complex problems. Our practice is designed to help any child or adolescent who is suffering from a developmental or learning disadvantage. Among the most common conditions we evaluate and treat are autism spectrum disorders, dyslexia, learning disabilities, Down’s syndrome, Fragile X syndrome, and children with behavioral problems that are affecting their home life or school performance.

Translators are available to assist Spanish speaking patients and all of our intake forms are available in Spanish upon request.




Our main office is located in Phoenix, Arizona, at the intersection of Interstate 17 and 101. We do, however, see patients in Flagstaff at All Ways Health, PLLC once a month. Appointments for both locations should be scheduled through the Phoenix office.




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