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Wava Jones - Tutor

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Meet the Tutor:


Wava Jones is a Barton Reading and Spelling Tutor with our office. She has always held closely onto her love for reading and where it can take you. Her parents and older sisters read and sang to her frequently long before she started school. Books were always important- being visible in the home and being opened and read outloud frequently as she was growing up. Her Grandmother used to spell words so Wava wouldn't be able to know what she was saying. This made Wava want to be a good speller- so good in fact that she would be able to spell any word she wanted to someday. Want to guess what was the first word she learned to spell? C-A-N-D-Y! Her Grandmother and Mother were shocked because she had not even begun formal school yet.

After working with young children in a private preschool, Wava decided to go back to college to get her elementary teaching degree. Remembering classmates who lagged behind in grade school, she also got her special education certification to better help struggling readers. Now she especially enjoys teaching students how to be independent learners so they won't always need her or depend on someone else to be able to learn. Seeing children in both regular and special education settings "learn to learn" through reading over the past 24 years has brought satisfaction to both students and Wava as a public school educator!


Working with students in a 1:1 setting is like being in a "candy" store for Wava. She believes the greatest and sweetest gift you can give yourself is to learn to read. You can become and continue to be a life-long learner through reading. So purpose and plan to read and learn something new every day!


Wava draws from her midwestern background of strong work ethics with strong community involvement. She loves all things french, enjoys making handmade cards, scrapbooking, crafts involving buttons, seasonal decorating and spending quality time with her family/friends which includes her Mother, 3 older sisters, 6 nieces/nephews and 8 grand nieces/nephews and growing along with lots of school friends from over the years.

Tutoring Sessions:

An initial appointment with Dr. Jordan to evaluate your child's needs is required. If your child is dyslexic and the Doctor determines that tutoring in the "Barton System" would benefit your child, he will then recommend you schedule your first tutoring session.


The first tutoring session begins with getting to know your child and baseline testing to evaluate where to start in the "Barton Reading and Spelling System." Each tutoring session is one hour long and our recommendation is that your child participate weekly for optimal benefit. Your child will work at his/her own pace to master the skills necessary to move forward through the program.

Make a pledge to read to your children every day for 15 minutes just for enjoyment!
You will see a difference in them- and in yourself too!!






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