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Dr. Tim Jordan, MD

Dr. Tim Jordan, PHD

Dr. Jordan is a board certified pediatrician who has completed a Fellowship in developmental and behavioral pediatrics. He received his medical degree the University of Washington in Seattle and his developmental training was at the University British Columbia and the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. . Dr. Jordan trained with Dr. Mel Levine at the University of North Carolina Center for Developmental and Learning. Our practice is based on the child's needs will use a comprehensive approach to evaluating the child's strengths and weaknesses and utilizing those strengths in providing therapy. Dr. Jordan worked for several years as a general pediatrician in the Indian health service, mostly in the Southwest, where he became interested in the children of Arizona.


Dr. Jordan has a strong interest in the power of physical fitness and nutrition has in determining the health of children. He has an extensive amount of practical experience in writing diet and exercise program this for children and people of all ages.


Dr. Jordan has a strong belief that comprehensive medical services should be available to children of all income levels. He is a member of Physicians for a National Health Plan , an organization the advocates universal health care. He has worked on several political campaigns regarding health services, including the campaign tube and tobacco in public places in Arizona, and the campaign to stop proposition 3O2, which would have eliminated The First Things First program for Arizona children.


Our office makes efforts to provide services to Hispanic families and have several Spanish translators. Dr. Jordan has made and will continue to make outreach efforts to the Native American children, who have special barriers of both distance and separate health service systems..


His current interest is in reinstating Kidscare,the AHCCCS program for children whose family's are just above the poverty level. No children have been added to this program since January 2010, and there are currently upwards of 80,000 children on the waiting list. This is especially important program, now that most private health insurance companies in Arizona have stopped writing child only healthcare policies. (If you or your family have been affected by the elimination of Kidscare, please contact our office. We will do our best to provide services for your family and present your case to the public).


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