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Jan Katzen-Luchenta AMI CFP
Preconception/Prenatal, Children and Adult's Nutritionist

Jan Katzen-Luchenta AMI CFP Children’s Nutritionist

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Jan has studied nutrition and health under the guidance of renowned professor Michael Crawford, director of the Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition at the London Metropolitan University. She interned with Nim Barnes, founder of Foresight Preconceptual Care (Bognor Regis, England) and is the Foresight U.S. programme director.

She is a former certified AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) educator with decades of experience teaching and feeding children. She has published numerous articles and books on nutrition with a focus on preconception health, brain and child development. Jan is on the advisory boards of The Mother and Child Foundation (UK) and The Montessori Education for Autism Foundation (UK).

Jan specializes in providing individualized eating plans, nutritional education, support and guidance for families of children with speech and other developmental delays, sensory integration issues, dyslexia, reading and attention problems, autism and correlative mood and behavioral problems. Jan provides nutritional prescriptions and teacher consultations to advocate for the child regarding food intolerances to snacks/meals served at school.

A word from Jan:

“I employ a well-researched and down-to-earth approach, partnering with families to co-create an eating plan for their child’s acceptance and improved nutrient/health status.”

“I honor the child’s unique preferences regarding textures and flavors as a point of departure. One nutrient at a time, the child feels better and food acceptance evolves naturally. Meal/snack composition and timing are crucial pieces of our work together. We strive for stable blood sugar levels throughout the day to support optimal brain function.”

“Proper nourishment of the brain helps to remediate weight issues and correlative health concerns such as diabetes, heart disease, hormonal dysfunction, eating and feeding disorders (anorexia, bulimia, pica) and symptoms of mental ill-health.”

“Food makes, propels, and repairs us.”



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