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Our Philosophy


At Jordan Developmental, we do our best to identify and support every child’s individual developmental needs and encourage everyone involved in the child’s life to do their part. This means providing quality care and support for the child or adolescent and helping parents and caretakers to fulfill their roles in obtaining services, carrying out recommendations and treatments, and being a voice for their child’s care in their school and in life.

Our office believes that parents and caretakers need to understand their child’s diagnosis, even if it is painful or conflicting. We do our best to fully educate you on your child’s condition and provide a safe and supportive environment to ask whatever questions you may have. We will always give you our honest medical opinion about various treatments and therapy options, even if they are controversial.
We believe in being strong patient advocates and do our best to ensure that each and every one of our patients receives all necessary services and entitlement programs.

Common Problems and Concerns

Children are wonderful and absolutely unique and need specialists who understand them. Each individual child has their own strengths and weaknesses and it is critical to identify these unique characteristics in order to help them achieve their full potential. There can be a number of reasons for a child’s problem and it is seldom something as “simple” as the popularized image of ADHD. It is easy to give a simple diagnosis and place a child on medication, however, there may be other learning disorders or familial problems affecting their attention skills, academic performance, and behavior that should all be evaluated and dealt with. At Jordan Developmental we pride ourselves on taking the whole child into account before recommending any course of treatment or correction.

Sometimes, children are just children. No two patients are alike and there is a wide range of behavior and temperament that all fall within the “normal” range. We see a number of children who are referred because it is suspected that they have disorders such as ADHD, but in many cases we find that these children are simply at the high end of normal for some temperamentally challenging traits. While it is important to uncover real diagnoses and problems, it is just as important to understand that some children are in the normal range and need minor, rather than major, interventions.

Jordan Developmental sees a wide variety of patients and conditions, but some of the most common disorders we address are ADHD, Autism Spectrum, Dyslexia, and other reading disorders. Please look below to find out a little bit more about each of these and what makes our approach to them different from other practices.


Many children are referred to our office because teachers, parents, or providers say that the child has ADHD. Individuals suffering from ADHD often have problems controlling their behavior or cannot focus and, therefore, have difficulty learning. Unfortunately, this label has become common ‘catch-all’ diagnosis and is often used inappropriately, ultimately masking other learning difficulties or neurological problems.

At Jordan Developmental, we take the time to carefully evaluate every child to determine the cause of their distress. We administer specific tests including language, attention, and memory problem solving, rather than just a basic questionnaire that many practices rely on. Once we have identified the root of their problem we make recommendations to remediate their specific weaknesses and utilize their strength to improve self-esteem and help them overcome their challenges. Medication is typically only recommended after other strategies have been employed.


Autism spectrum disorders are increasingly recognized as the source of many behavior, social, and learning problems. Because the symptoms can be hard to identify without specialized training, children and teenagers on the autistic spectrum are often misdiagnosed with everything from bipolar disorder to mental retardation and ADHD. These misdiagnoses can be detrimental and even dangerous to the individuals, which is why it is critical that your teen or child is seen by specialists trained specifically in developmental pediatrics if you suspect that they could be on the autism spectrum.

At Jordan Developmental we take great care in evaluating every potential autism case by reviewing the child’s symptoms and interviewing the parents or caregivers before conducting a detailed assessment of their language, cognitive, and social abilities.

Once a definitive diagnosis of autism is made we are able to provide a wide range of support systems for your child or adolescent. Our in-house nutritionist is recommended to any patient suffering from deficiencies in their diet, often associated with autism, and we can provide prescriptions for appropriate therapies as well as recommendations for the child’s school. In addition, we can direct all patients to the appropriate state agencies for additional help and support. When appropriate, Jordan Developmental will also help to manage the patient’s medications.

Dyslexia/Reading Disorders

Dyslexia is often a very overlooked and undertreated diagnosis. There are many reasons that a child may be having difficulty in school and at Jordan Developmental we take the time to examine all the possible reasons your child may be struggling, including testing for dyslexia. Children with reading problems are unique and schools are often insufficiently funded to provide the intensity and variety of help necessary. It is for this reason that we have reading tutors on site to provide the best, clinically accurate help specifically for the treatment of dyslexia. While private tutors are expensive and their qualifications often dubious, you can rest assured that Jordan Developmental can provide your child with the very best help at an affordable cost.

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